Saturday, October 4, 2008



The alchemists in days of yore could not from lead lure golden ore.
Nor Icarus (if myths be facts) draw god-like wing from man-made wax.
And more, the fabled sow’s ear shaper could not pull off the silk purse caper.
But these who challenged nature’s rules were merely optimistic fools.
Their yearnings deep, their motives fair. They dared to dream. They dared to dare.
God-like was their vision bold - changing baser things to gold.

Compare them, if you will, to some, the ALCHEMISTS OF KINGDOM COME.
These modern wizards’ larceny reversed the course of Alchemy.
The gold they found in FANNIE MAE (and FREDDIE MAC, it’s fair to say)
They quickly turned to worthless dross, excepting what they took, of course.
Who are these scoundrels? Who’s to blame? It’s evident from whence they came.
Some, (surprise!) were Bubba’s spawn, others from his Party drawn.

The Democrats in Congress who, to push their Socialist agenda through,
Forced banks to give out mortgage loans to anyone with chromosomes
“Don’t ask about employment or inquire into credit score.
Just pass the money out so we can add to our constituency.”
"Sub-prime, who cares, our Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will save the day.”
"Insure it all, repackage it. Let Wall Street ‘fat cats’ take the hit.”

But, as happens in affairs of man, results don’t always follow plan.
At first things went the D.C. way; the money flow was used to pay
The Liberal Politicos and FRED and FANNIES CEOs.
The Democratic PACs got some, and Congress took and just played dumb.
They heard no evil, saw no wrong, could only hear the Siren’s Song.
Blocked all attempts at oversight, which, no surprise, came from the right.

And now, instead of prison walls, they still inhabit Congress’ halls.
They still get paid by all of us, still free to be felonious.
Free to pass a bailout plot, their ‘damn the public’ honey-pot.
And yet these charlatans complain, while riding on Obama’s train,
"It’s Bush’s fault, the system’s broke, alleviate the workers’ yoke.”
If you believe their Manifesto, the Marx they worship ain’t named Groucho.

NOTE: The three men referred to in the title really operate as one - Barney Franklin Raines Obama.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


The 60's crowd – they had a ball -
When drugs and sex and self were all.
“Make love not war. We’re all for peace.”
(Except when fighting the Police).
“Get me some weed. Turn on, drop out.”
That’s what they were all about.
No moral compass, just inhale.
“Strive not and you can never fail.”

“Religion? Not my cup of tea.
The only god I need is me.”
“There is no right. There is no wrong.
There’s only my next dollar bong.”
Their tie-dyed minds can only curse.
The police are pigs. Our soldiers worse.
What value is there in this bunch?
A generation out to lunch.

With Viet Nam they ran amok,
Forced Uncle Sam to run and duck.
They forced our winning side to fly
And let 3 million people die.
They tried an encore in Iraq
But couldn’t get their karma back.
So now, in desperation, they
Have one last chance to win the day.

They must rely on Hillary
To try to save Bill’s legacy.
His legacy is also theirs –
They’re his immoralistic heirs.
Now, aging flower children, they
Are desperate for a quick replay.
Thus, demonstrating with their friends,
They march around in their Depends.

With signs aloft they vent their spleen,
Their slogans old, their shouts obscene.
America’s the devil’s spawn
And, "Damn the day George Bush was born!"
Katrina’s tears - the price of crude -
Rubble where Twin Towers stood -
"They’re all his fault and, looking back,
He lied to us about Iraq."

Who are their heroes? Who their gods?
Who gets their bobble-headed nods?
Without a trace of self-reproach
They took Bill Clinton as their coach.
"If he can do it so can we."
Is their self-serving liturgy.
To all his sins they closed their eyes,
Held their noses, voted twice.

They worship at the same old shrine
(The same old prayer, the same old whine),
That Evita Rodham Clinton will
Their socialistic dreams fulfill.
Her health care fiasco she’d repeat
Then lead our forces in retreat.
(My advice, just don’t get sick,
And learn to speak in Arabic.)

So, all of us, who love this land,
Who want America to stand
For honesty, for strength, for pride
Must throw these charlatans aside.
Lets do away, once and for all
With Clinton lies and Clinton gall.
And then, dear God, let us reclaim
Our country’s soul, our sacred flame.


Twinkle, twinkle, little tart
At the White House, played her part.
Made the master moan and groan
While they played with each his own,
Just a weekend matinee.
But, ere Sunday morn gave way
She’d have to go 'cause he
Must go to church with Hillary.

With trousers up and zipper done
He went to fetch his Number One.
Clutching fast their holy books,
Upon their pusses pious looks
Our king and queen to God's house went
(A summit meeting their intent?)
Only now and then they'd stop
For each self-righteous photo-op.

The TV cameras caught each stride
The Lord and Lady sanctified.
He'd wave to subjects left and right
Exuding Messianic light.
While she, who made her devil's pact,
Made outward show, denied the fact
That she had chosen to forsake
Honor, truth for power's sake.

And lo, in Monday's New York Times,
The word rings forth like steeple chimes,
"Our leader's grand, our hopes endure:
He feels our pain, of that we're sure.
No matter what they say he's done
(What the hell, don't everyone?).
The market's up, what if he lied
Saint Hillary stays by his side".

Who but Slick Willie could convince
The feminists that he's their prince?
He's pro-abortion, so that means
That he's allowed to drop his jeans.
Who promised all, delivered none.
Convinced the Blacks that he’s the one.
Became the first Black President
A living saint, a blest event.

And now that several years have flown
Saint Hillary would claim her own.
It’s now her due, her Faustian right,
To move back to the house that’s white.
(She certainly wants no repeat -
Eight years without the catbird seat.)
If she succeeds, it’s less than sure
That she’ll bring back the furniture.

In Arkansas they had their way
He taxed, he groped, she looked away.
The Little Rock to D.C. swing
Let them grab the golden ring.
The White House was their bag of tricks,
The Lincoln Bedroom - Motel Six,
The Oval Office private honey,
The Chinese laundering their money.

Bush 1 left them an upward trend,
They blew the Gipper’s dividend
They cut our military forces back
Then willed Bush 2 a downward track.
Claimed success and off they rode
To their Chappaqua abode.
Tossing pardons left and right
To terrorists and crooks in flight.

She’d like to go where Bubba went
And win two terms as President.
(He won two times, but well to note,
That he got less than half the vote.)
He also got impeached and more,
He lied. And recently she swore,
That as a Senator she’d stay
A full six years. Well, who’s to say?

Now that Clinton cash has mounted
(One hundred mill last time we counted),
More power is their only goal.
The Super Delegates must roll!
Damn the Party! Damn the day!
If they don’t win, there’s hell to pay.
Obama better watch his back
And Bill may even get the sack.